Free 7-Day Trial!

Hi, everyone! Get a free 7-day trial when you join the All Access tier of my Patreon page!

There’s new content every single day. Every morning, including weekends, I post a 2-card reading for the collective with advice on how to manage the energies. In addition to that, every Sunday I post a week-ahead report that includes 3-card Tarot readings for each zodiac sign. You can check for your sun, moon, and rising.

Plus, during your trial, you get access to hundreds of past posts and videos.

If you enjoy your experience, and I’m guessing you will, you can decide to stay as long as you like. After the free trial, this tier, with all the benefits mentioned above, is only $5.00 a month. There’s never any obligation, and you can switch to another tier at any time if you see other patron benefits you would like to try.

Come share this sacred space with me and my patron co-creators. It’s fun, uplifting and heart-centered. See you there!

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