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Daily Tarot Reading for 1-29-2018

Hello, everybody! Today’s Tarot card is the Five of Swords. You may have some nagging thoughts that are causing you to doubt your previous decisions. Maybe you made up your mind about something and now you are second guessing yourself. Before you come to a final decision, give yourself time to calm down and get balance. Analyze your motivation a little deeper: Did fear overpower you and cause you to abandon a good idea? Are you beating yourself up with negative thoughts? Take these things into consideration. And remember, it’s ok if you change your mind back again!

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Daily Tarot Reading for 7-31-2017

Happy Monday all. The card for today is the Five of Swords. Look for a bit of conflict today. This could result in a battle of words, sharp differences in opinion, and petty mind games. There may be a contest of one-upmanship. One side will get the better of the other and there will be some hurt feelings. But all in all, this is a short-lived event — unless you are the type to hold grudges.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with airing differences and standing up for what we believe in. But how we do it is the key to whether the experience is positive or not so positive.

If you are the one who “loses” the battle, the best thing to do is not make a big deal out of it. Walk away, lick your wounds, and sort out your emotions about the incident. You will learn something that will help you handle the situation better the next time. Although your feelings are hurt now, you will soon realize that it is not so serious that you need to waste much time thinking about it.

If you are the person who “wins” the battle, it feels pretty good to have the upper hand — at least for now. But was it worth it? You got your point across but did you do it in a mature, loving way? Or quite frankly, were you being an asshole? Although it feels good momentarily, perhaps you have lost others’ respect in this instance. So think about how you handled the situation. If you could have done it differently, at least admit it to yourself. If appropriate, try to smooth things over or even apologize. Then move on. Just because you had a disagreement doesn’t mean you can’t still be friendly.