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Daily Tarot Reading for 4-17-2019

The Tarot card of the day is the Four of Pentacles (Control). Now is not the time to spend wildly or make big investments in money or time. Hold on until the time is right.

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Daily Tarot Reading for 1-16-2019

The Tarot cards for today are the Four of Pentacles (Control) and the Nine of Cups (Blessings). Take control of money issues. Look at your budget to see where you can cut down on expenses. Keep in mind what you want to do with any money that you save, and make sure it includes something nice for yourself that you have been wishing for.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 5-3-2018

The Tarot card of the day is the Four of Pentacles. You work hard for what you have when it comes to money, your job, or making your lifestyle comfortable. However, you may be overly worried that you will lose what you worked so hard to get. Relax. If things are working well for you, continue what you are doing and simply let the energy of abundance flow through you. The Universe protects and supports you.

Have a great day.