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Daily Tarot Reading for August 6, 2019

The Tarot card for today is the Two of Swords (Uncertainty). You may be having a hard time making a decision. But this is only because you are making excuses in your head instead of also listening to your heart. Use logic and emotion together to weigh things out. You will find that the answer to your problem has been obvious the whole time.

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Daily Tarot Reading for 11-8-2018

The Tarot cards for today are the Two of Swords and the Empress. If there is a decision to be made, don’t be afraid to make a choice. You have probably thought long and hard about it already. It’s just a matter of facing up to it. If the Empress is any indicator, your choice is one that will give you the most stability, comfort, and sense of self nurturing. Don’t be afraid to give yourself what you truly need.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10-22-2018

Hello, all! The Tarot card of the day is the Two of Swords. The choice you have to make is clear, but why is the decision so hard to make? Maybe you are overthinking it; you’re too much inside your heard. Get back into your body and open your eyes. Take a look around. Open your heart and pay attention to how you feel. Listen to your intuition. Use all of your faculties and trust yourself. You’ll know what to do.

Have an awesome day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-19-2018

The Tarot cards for today are the Seven of Wands and the Two of Swords.  This reinforces the message we had on  Monday, when we also had the Seven of Wands. Again, stand up for what you believe in, even if other people don’t agree with you. On the other hand, the Two of Swords reminds us that sometimes the toughest competition is ourselves. Don’t overthink, thereby allowing your thoughts to cut you off from how you feel. Try not to talk yourself out of the greatness you can achieve.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 8-25 to 8-27-2017

The card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Two of Swords. You are at a crossroads and have to make a decision. However, you are not allowing yourself to see the entire picture. You are all up in your head right now weighing the pros and cons, but how do you feel about your situation? And even though the thoughts are clanking around in your brain, you are not doing anything concrete. You are just sitting there — thinking.

The key is to not turn your back on your emotions. The heart and head must work together in making any decision. Furthermore,  doing nothing is only going to make the problem worse.

Regardless, don’t be too hard on yourself. Once you take the blindfold off and start looking at your situation from  all angles — mind, body, and soul —  you will have an easier time knowing what to do.

Have a great weekend, all.