Daily Tarot Reading for 7-13-2017

The card for today is the Three of Pentacles. Today is the day for you to shine, especially when it comes to your career. But it can relate to  anything you do that requires skill. People are likely to be impressed with your work and they will let you know. And while there is always room for improvement, it’s clear that you are good at what you do.

Often, the three of Pentacles points to an object you can see or touch. Maybe you have made something with your hands through knitting, writing, cooking, or drawing. Maybe your are sending your resume through the email or giving it to a possible employer at a face-to-face interview. Perhaps you are giving a PowerPoint presentation at work.

Whatever you are showing, it is impressive. Whatever you do, you do it well. And you are admired and appreciated.

The other possibility is that someone will mentor you or give advice to help you improve your skill. Or else, you will collaborate with someone on a project.

Keep doing what you’re good at. Keep practicing and learning. You are on your way to becoming a true master.

Practice and learn

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