Daily Tarot Reading for 11-13-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Six of Pentacles (Generosity). Although it’s always a good day to be generous — and many of you do it every day — today’s card is a great excuse to make it a conscious priority. Giving money is an easy way to be generous. At the checkout line in some of the big chain stores, the clerk gives us the option to donate a dollar to a particular charity. You may want to consider doing that. Or if you live in a big city and someone asks you for a handout, consider giving them “spare change.”  But there are plenty of other ways to give — such as giving someone a compliment, or listening  to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on, or even giving someone a random smile. On the other hand, some people find it hard to be on the receiving end of generosity. But think of it this way: Allowing someone to do something for you is actually a kindness to them because it makes then feel good to be able to do something nice for you! Besides, know that you deserve it and that receiving kindness doesn’t make you less than.

Have a beautiful day.

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