Full Moon in Aquarius: Tarot Messages for Each Zodiac Sign

Happy Full Moon, all! Check the message for you sun, moon, and rising. Deck used: The Somnia Tarot.


Look, listen, observe, and hear before moving forward with your plans. The final decision is still yours. But what you learn may surprise you and lead you in a different—and better—direction.


Your ability to rise from the ashes and make something out of nothing is on point. Plant the seeds now and get ready for them to sprout come the new moon on the 27th.


Crunch those numbers and you will see that you are doing well when it comes to your day-to day life. Keep doing the things that are helpful and eliminate activities that are time wasters.


Your efforts have led you to be at the right place at the right time. The irons are hot! Take advantage of this present moment because the odds are in your favor for success.


The opportunities are right in front of you: What are you going to do with them? Follow the inspiration burning within. Dream big.


Now is a perfect time to get some closure about your situation. Accept what is, then rise above the past to find a bright future.


Expand your knowledge beyond what you think you already know. Take a look at where your thinking may be outdated. Reinvent yourself.


You don’t have to die on that hill: It’s okay to change your mind. Be open to others’ opinion. It may spark something in you and open up communication


You have worked hard to make your mark and it shows. But don’t stop now. Shine bright like a lighthouse so that others can take direction from you


The devil you know is not necessarily better than the devil you don’t know. Shed the fear and do things differently. It may be easier than you think.


Emotions can get in the way of making a logical decision. So allow yourself to daydream about the possibilities for a while. Enjoy the process. There’s no rush to actually do anything at this time


Rain can bring either disappointment or promise. Let it fill your cups to the brim and be all the wiser for it.

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