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Daily Tarot Reading for 2-12-2019

Today’s Tarot card is the Queen of Wands (Creativity). Be confident in who you are and let your personality come through. Add your unique flair to work and creative projects. Get excited and don’t hold back.  Your openness is attractive, so be prepared to shine.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-12-2018

The Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Wands (Creativity). It’s one thing to be passionate and to feel inspired. It’s another thing to take your ideas and create works of art. Add your personality to the mix when it comes to work/creative projects. The same is true of romantic experiences. Whether you are a man or a woman, feel confident in your beauty and ability to shine. Be like a sunflower and turn your face to the sun.

Have a spectacular day.

Tarot Talk: The Suit of Wands

When a card in the suit of Wands turns up for the Daily Card or in a personal reading, we’re dealing with a strong urge to perform an action and get things moving. We could call that urge “passion” or the need to express how you feel through your deeds. You can be passionate about many things, but the most common areas with the Wands are work/career and sexual feelings.

Many times, the energy of the Wands has to do with ambition, wanting to achieve success, and taking the necessary steps to get what you want. You may have to take a leadership role to get what you want and thus organize people to help you reach a goal. The Wands also indicates having good ideas and coming up with ways to bring these ideas to light. They symbolize the creative spark.

When it comes to sex, the Wands represent desire, attraction, and the ability to express these feelings. The Wands can also be a symbol of fertility, which ties into the idea of creativity.

The King and Queen of Wands represent examples of how the masculine and feminine energy can each use leadership, charisma, and sexuality in the most balanced way possible. (In fact, the King and Queen of each suit represent mastery of their particular element.)

The Wands represent fiery energy, which means being passionate, taking action, and taking charge. When related to astrology, the Wands are associated with the fire signs — namely Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

In a personal reading, the position of the card in the spread, the question, and intuition, among other things, help determine what each card means specifically. For the daily card, I clear my head and ask the Universe to show me what message the group as a collective needs to hear. I allow the card to pop out of of the deck as I shuffle. Then I interpret the card based on intuition and channeling.

As a result, any card can have an infinite number of interpretations, depending on the circumstance. But when I see a Wand, I have my first clue as to which general direction I’m going in.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comments are welcome.

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Daily Tarot Reading for 3-19-2018

Hello, all! The Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Wands. The fast-moving energy of this past weekend has now found its perfect conclusion as we head into tomorrow’s spring equinox and the sun makes its way into the sign of Aries on the 21st. With today’s Queen of Wands, we are feeling a nice warm surge of vitality, making this a happy and productive day. You can become an inspiration for others who will bask in your positive vibration. This will be a busy day. But if you can, take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy how alive you feel.

Have a wonderful day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 3-6-2018

The Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Wands. Lots of things to do. Busy, busy, busy. But you will make it look easy and in fact you will feel healthy and energized. This will be a great development for your job or career. It will also serve you well in your everyday life doing anything you care deeply about. There will be a sense of joy and accomplishment. Remember, while you are hard at work, don’t forget to socialize and share a smile or two.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 1-15-2018

Hello, all! Today’s Tarot card is the Queen of Wands. What a great card to start off the week. This card is all about having the energy to accomplish anything you want to do. This could be in the realm of work and career, a project at home, or even in the area of love and relationships. The Queen of Wands symbolizes fertility, so whatever you do will bear fruit — meaning it will have a positive outcome. For some, this fertility could play out in the physical sense. Whatever the case may be, make it happen!

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-14-2017

Today’s card is the Queen of Wands. This card is about passion, energy, fire, and taking action. It’s a progression from yesterdays card, the Page. Now is the time to master your energy and embrace your desires. No longer are you hesitant or unsure. Today you are confident and in full control.

You or someone in your circle today will be warm, friendly, and charismatic. You won’t have to try too hard to be likeable.  An enthusiastic, confident person is naturally sexy and attractive.

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 7-21 to 7-23-2017

The card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Queen of Wands. This weekend will be a busy one, full of activity. If you have a to-do list that has been collecting dust, now is the time to brush it off and tackle each item, one by one. By the time the weekend is over, you will have a lot accomplished.

This also could be the time to bring home work from the job. If you have your own business, you could spend some time tending to it. Either way, you will feel productive and energized.

The Queen of Wands is all about creativity and sexuality. Put those two elements together and it could spell success for those who are trying to conceive a baby. If you’re not trying to have a baby, make sure you have your precautions in place!

You may come in contact with someone, maybe a friend of yours, who is positive and upbeat. That person will inspire and encourage you to follow through on your ideas.

With all this energy flowing, make sure you also get some rest this weekend. You don’t want to burn out, then head into Monday morning feeling tired and exhausted!

Peace and Love. Enjoy.