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Daily Tarot Reading for 7-12-2017

The card for today is the Six of Swords. This is a welcome card because it shows that you have a handle on life’s little stresses and worries that you have experienced lately.  You have decided to put irritation in it’s proper place and move on with a calmer attitude. You can now resolve any issues with a clear head.

The extremely positive energy suggested by yesterday’s card has likely helped you see that any problems you have are not impossible to overcome. And with the Six of Swords, it’s important to remember that you have support coming from somewhere—whether it’s from family and friends, social agencies, service professionals, or your own wisdom and Higher Guidance.

Responsibilities and obligations can sometimes be overwhelming. With love, positivity, and a healthy balance between thought and feeling, you will be steered in the right direction toward peace of mind and a satisfying solution.

Have a great day.