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Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 10-27 to 10-29-2017

Hi, all. The card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is Strength.

The lion shown in the Strength card represents our basic instincts. Although these primal desires can appear to be dangerous, they actually guarantee our survival on the planet we live on.

The person shown in the Strength card represents our higher selves. Although we all strive to rely on a higher consciousness, wisdom is empty if it is not grounded in basic human experience.

Each of us has a higher consciousness and each of us have primal instincts. None of these are superior to the other. They are all equal and are meant to work in harmony with each other.

So, take steps to achieve balance with the strength, love and understanding of your higher self, as well as the strength, groundedness, and passion of your basic instincts.

Integrate the two sides of yourself and have a great weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10-19-2017

The card for today is Strength. It is no accident that this card was drawn for two days in a row. This shows that whatever the influences that are affecting our lives lately are still being resolved. So hang in there and continue to tame difficult situations with love and inner peace.

You may have to bite your tongue, or better yet, speak without losing your temper. If people in your life are being mean, remember that it has nothing to do with you. They are going through their own issues. Sometimes you are the one who is being unreasonable. At the end of the day, no matter what beastly things we do or say, we are human.

Today is the new moon in Libra, which will highlight what is out of  balance in our lives. It will show us exactly what we need to do to get the balance we need. Pay attention and try not to resist if a necessary change is making itself known.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10-18-2017

Today’s card is Strength. If the people and situations in your life seem to be as unruly as wild beasts, don’t be scared. Meet everything with a calm confidence. Show some love and understanding. They won’t have any choice but to respond to you in a similar manner.

If you are feeling conflict within yourself, use mind over matter to calm your panic. Don’t give knee jerk reactions to anything. Before you say or do anything, take at least a few seconds to figure out a better way to deal with the situation. The greatest position of strength is when you are balanced body, mind, and spirit.

Daily Tarot Reading for 8-17-2017

Today we have the Strength card. Whether you realize it or not, you have an infinite supply of it. Tap into your strength. Calm your fears.  There is nothing you can’t conquer.

Inner strength is what we are talking about here. Even more specifically, we are talking about the power of love. Nothing is stronger than that. Love is the best way to deal with difficult outside influences. If you are experiencing challenges or upheavals in your life, as was suggested by yesterday’s card, then know that the Strength card is equally as influential.

Keep in mind that the most difficult challenges come from inside ourselves, not outside. So use the power of love — Self Love — to tame your raging, roaring emotions. With practice, your loving, peaceful self can learn to live in harmony with your raw emotions.