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Daily Tarot Reading for 1-5-2018 (Extended Weekend Report)

Hi, everybody. The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday  is the Two of Cups. This weekend, deep intimate relationships are highlighted. This could be a close one-on-one relationship with a family member or friend. However, a particular emphasis will be on romantic partnerships. Feelings of deep love and affection will flow and there will be an increased level of understanding between you. If you are single, this weekend may be when you meet a truly significant other. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Follow your heart.

Have a great weekend!


Daily Tarot Reading for 10-30-2017

Happy Monday! The card for today is the Two of Cups. This card indicates that relationships of all kinds get a huge boost. Your connections are getting deeper and there is a tremendous amount of intimacy. Your heart’s desires are being  fulfilled. Best of all, there is no sense that one partner is giving more that the other. There is an equal amount of give and take on both sides.

This energy is for all types of relationships: romantic, friendship, or work related. All of these connections will enjoy great harmony today. Enjoy!

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-21-2017

The card for today is the Two of Cups.  Today you will have a sense of emotional balance. You feel loved and secure. You will connect on a deep level with another person. Often, this card is about romantic relationships, where you are able to share with each other fully and there is a deep understanding. But this energy could also apply to friendships, as well.

This could also be about the relationship you have with yourself.  Perhaps an inner conflict that you have been feeling is calming down and you are able to accept yourself unconditionally. You are feeling a sense of what it means to love yourself.

Self love is the basis for truly being able to love others. So spread the energy of love with those around you. It will circle back around to you as you go about the business of your life.

If you are not in a relationship right now, this card could mean that love is coming your way. Just stay in the moment and keep your heart open.