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Daily Tarot Reading for April 9, 2021

The Tarot cards for today are the 6 of Swords and the Alien (the Hermit). You finally made a decision to move away from a situation that was causing you mental pain to one that is better for you. According to the cards, you could decide to be alone or to move away from loneliness (see how the person in the 6 of Swords image is facing away from the Alien). Check in with yourself to figure out which scenario resonates most with you.

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Daily Tarot Reading for October 22, 2019

The Tarot card for today is the Alien. This card is the Starman Tarot’s version of the Hermit. This means that today is a day for you to stand apart from the crowd. Keep your own council and dare to be different. If  the words and actions of others resonate with you, fine. But if not, don’t hesitate to form your own opinions and ways of doing things. Soon, others will be looking at you…not as a alien, but as a role model.

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