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Daily Tarot Reading for March 24, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the King of Swords. Happy New Moon! Interestingly enough, yesterday we had the King of Cups, which was all about balancing the emotions. Today’s card asks us to balance our thoughts, which to be honest, has the same effect as balancing the emotions. When our thoughts are out of whack, when we overthink, and when we allow our thoughts to rule us completely, it causes chaos and turmoil in our lives—just like when our emotions run away from us. Keep that in mind. These days, with concerns over the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, we all need each other to stay balanced. Help others if you can by being the calm voice of reason.  And if you need help yourself to stay balanced,  seek advice from a wise, trusted friend.

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All Zodiac Signs: Weekly Tarot Card– March 22 to March 28

What can you expect this week amid coronavirus (COVID 19) concerns and also as we head into the new moon? Check out your Tarot card for the week for your sun, moon, and rising.

For a timestamp to jump to your zodiac sign, watch the video on YouTube.