Tarot Card Meditation: Eight of Cups

Our card is the Eight of Cups from the Deviant Moon Tarot. As you can see, the character on the card is choosing to walk away from what looks like a decorative display of cups. As applied to your life, the cups could represent anything that once gave you satisfaction and even a sense of security. 

Sometimes we can cling to those things that give us comfort for years and years. Think of a security blanket, which makes us feel safe but can get worn and frayed. It could be that entrenched attitudes about ourselves and others make us feel comfortable, but become outdated over time. 

These days, it’s hard not to think in terms of current affairs and how our once comfortable feelings about how life should be are being turned inside out. Maybe it’s time to take the initiative and venture out from comfortable patterns into the realm of the unknown, expanded possibilities, and therefore greater, authentic emotional satisfaction.

Have a beautiful day. (A version of this post originally appeared on my Patreon page on May 31, 2020.)

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